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Introduction Sources of Vitamin D Disorders associated with lack of Vitamin D Symptoms of disorders Who must get the test done? Tests done for Vitamin D level Why Thyrocare?

Vitamin D deficiency may lead to

- osteoporosis
- sclerosis,
- bone fragility,
- hypertension
- chronic fatigue,
- depression,
- heart diseases,
- diabetes and
- cancers...

And the good news is...
They can all be prevented!

• It is available to anyone who allows adequate exposure of skin to the ultraviolet radiation present in the sunrays.

• Fifteen to twenty minutes of sunshine each day, helps your body manufacture about 10,000 to 15,000 IU’s of vitamin D3 per day.

• Vitamin D deficiency or insufficiency is quite common amongst pregnant women and children in India.

• If you take Vitamin D supplements make sure it is Vitamin D3 and not D2.


Find out if you are likely to suffer from the lack of Vitamin D


Good if you have decided to get your tests done. You must also know why Thyrocare is preferred.

Range Value
Deficiency range
<20 ng/ml
Insufficiency range
20-30 ng/ml
Sufficiency range
30-100 ng/ml
Toxicity range
>100 ng/ml

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